A letter to two galahs*

Dear Galah One and Galah Two,

There was a reason I was hanging back as I cycled down the South Carriage tonight. I was reading the traffic ahead and noted that the cement mixer, which was holding up a long line of traffic, was highly likely to make a lefthand turn into the building site at the top of the hill.

The two of you were obviously oblivious to this potential outcome. Why else would you both fly by me — a little too close for my liking, I might add (ever heard of using your bell as a warning when you plan on overtaking a fellow cyclist?) — and then proceed, somewhat foolishly, to race the cement mixer by cycling in his blind spot?

How you managed to nick just in front of him before he began to turn left I do not know. I was kind of expecting to see a horrible, horrible accident play out before my eyes.

Next time you might not be so lucky. Please don't do it again. I really don't want to read about another cycling fatality on London's roads any time soon.


* An Australian term for idiot.

2 thoughts on “A letter to two galahs*

  1. Three words:
    “Darwinism in action”
    . . . but with a twist. For cycling in town, instead of ‘survival of the fittest’ (the guys racing the cement mixer), it’s ‘survival of the smartest’ (you). Maybe they’ll change their ways, and maybe they won’t – that’s evolution for ya!


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