Keeping safe out there

 In case you hadn't heard, another London cyclist was killed by a lorry this week.

A group of London cyclists has now created a new blog — Cycle Safe London — in response.

They have also created a flyer to download and print off for distribution among fellow cyclists which recommends the following:

1. A ban on very large lorries (HGVs) from the current Congestion Charge zone during Congestion Charge hours.
2. Compulsory installation of the latest ‘blind spot’ mirrors and more training for drivers on how to use them.
3. Removal of dangerous cycle lanes.
4. Tougher punishments for drivers and lorry companies convicted of negligent driving.

It adds: "To make this happen, we need to tell the government officials and the lorry companies about the problem and demand that they take action." A list of recommended politicians to write to is included.

I think it's a great idea, but I also think it's important cyclists educate themselves about the dangers that HGV pose, which is why I particularly like this flyer, also listed on the site:


This post by Buffalo Bill, written in response to another death last year, has some very good advice in it.

I'd like to add one important tip of my own: if you have stopped at traffic lights and you cannot make eye contact with the driver of a HGV near you then bloody well move! If you can't see him up there in his driver's cabin, how the hell do you think he can see you? (Note, this also applies to buses and coaches.)

Finally, Cycling Plus magazine in calling for recommended EU legislation on
HGV blind spot mirrors to be brought in to save an estimated 18
cyclists a year. It has set up an online petition which you can sign if you are a British citizen. The closing date is December 6, 2008.

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