Four weeks down

Cyclists wizzing down Rotten Row, Hyde Park. Click to enlarge.

My fourth week of cycling to work Monday to Friday has now drawn to a close. I know I say this every Friday, but I can’t believe I’ve managed to haul myself out of bed for another full working week of cycling. Even when I was cycling a lot in 2006, I very rarely managed to cycle five days a week — the norm was usually 3 days and occasionally 4 days.


The forecourt near Buckingham Palace. I cycle through here every night and it’s like playing dodgem cars with all the tourists. Click to enlarge.

So far this means that for the month of September I have cycled roughly 400km and saved myself £80 in tube fares. Mind you, I have spent that much money (and a bit more) on a new rechargeable headlight, a face mask and a couple of wicking t-shirts, so I can’t claim that all this exercise has really saved me that much money. (And I won’t mention the extra food I’m buying for breakfast every morning — cycling makes me very hungry!)

It would also be hypocritical of me to say that my cycling has helped the environment. Why? Well, I have twice as many showers and I do twice as much clothes washing when I cycle. All that water — all that heating of the water — can’t be good, but I suppose it’s better than dumping exhaust fumes all over the city, right?


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