Strangely enough it was a fairly uneventful commute today. If anything the road seemed much quieter, both this morning and this evening, and there were certainly much fewer cyclists around.

Tonight, for instance, at one of the busier intersections where cyclists normally jockey for position and the more idiotic element sail through the red lights, I was the only person on a bike. I have to confess to liking it. It meant I didn't have to worry about twits underpassing me or holding me up and I could steal a firm march on the motorised traffic behind me when the lights turned green.

I got home in double-quick time, despite the rather annoying head wind for much of my route. If only all my commutes were as easy and enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “Uneventful

  1. I almost never encounter other cyclists on my commute – or if I do, they’re going the other way. I suppose this is because I live in the outskirts of Belfast and am heading out to a nearby town where I work, whereas most commuters are heading into Belfast.
    Having said that, as a driver I have noticed more cyclists on my driving commute (which is different from my cycling route) this year than any other. Jolly good thing too.


  2. John, not having to battle other cyclists must be lovely! I usually do a head count when I get to Hyde Park Cnr in the morning — it gives me an indication of how popular cycling has become. Back when I first started cycling three years ago, you’d be lucky to see about 20 cyclists at this intersection. More recently I have counted up to 60 cyclists crossing the road here! So cycling is definitely on the increase, which is great. But I still like it better when there are fewer bikes on the road, simply because there’s less uneducated/stupid cyclists to cut me up etc.


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