Darwin awards

Today's Darwin Awards go to:

1) The car driver — coming towards me — who indicated she was turning left at a four-way intersection but decided she was actually turning right. She almost knocked me off my bike as I sat stationary in the middle of the intersection preparing to turn right. I was waiting for her to make the left turning, but instead she drives directly towards me as if I don't even exist!!

2) The cyclist who undertook me, sidling up between a long row of traffic comprising one van, two cars and a red bus, all of whom were indicating that they would be turning left when the traffic light changed. "Watch it," I yelled at her, "you'll get squashed!" Sure enough she ignores me and puts herself in an incredibly dangerous position as the traffic light turns green and the vehicles proceed to cut into her space. Somehow she made it through the intersection unscathed but when I caught up to her I realised why she'd ignored my warning: she was wearing a friggin iPod!


3 thoughts on “Darwin awards

  1. ipods are nice….. but not on a bike! i have been tempted, but the sounds of the outdoors lure me away anything else I might hear. and as you point out. It just isn’t safe


  2. Tom, I have seen cyclists trundle across busy intersections completely oblivious to the fact that an ambulance or police car is coming through with sirens blaring because they’re listening to an iPod.
    Treadly and Me, yes, that’s very true. I find it safer to actually sit back behind the traffic rather than filter up through it, particularly if I’m not sure how long the light has been stuck on red, because Murphy’s Law will always dictate that if I decide to filter and the light goes green then vehicles taking off won’t know I’m there and will either hit me / push me off the road. I’d rather wait 30 seconds and stay alive. Actually, the inability by many cyclists to read traffic conditions / predict what’s going to happen next constantly alarms me. I hope these people don’t drive motorised vehicles the same way they ride their bikes!!


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