Three weeks

Today's commute marked three weeks of cycling for me. That's three weeks — or 15 working days — of getting out of bed at 7am in order to be on the road before London's traffic gets too busy.

It's now become second nature. No longer do I lie in bed trying to invent excuses as to why I simply cannot cycle. Instead, I practically bounce out of bed, eager to clamber on the bike for my morning exercise.

As a consequence I feel much fitter and more alert. I've lost weight (several people have commented that I "look very well" — which always makes me wonder what I looked like beforehand — ill? pasty? fat?) and my leg muscles have resumed their "cycling shape". I'm also sleeping much better and wake up feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

And the best bit of all? I've saved myself £60 in tube fares!

NB: Still no ride stats. I hope to get the bike computer sorted this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Three weeks

  1. Well I’ve just recently joined the cycle-commute set, though I’m breaking myself in slowly, just once or twice a week at present.
    My ride is much easier and shorter than yours though. A mere 3.5 miles each way, taking me 20 minutes (the same as if I do it by car!) and mostly on cycle paths or pavements (along dual carriageways for example) which are designated shared pedestrian and cycle use. I do occasionally see cyclists, clearly more experienced than I, cycling along the dual carriageway itself and I can sort of see the appeal of not having to get blatted in the face with low branches.
    Am very impressed though at your 12 mile cycle!


  2. Tom, thanks. Yes, its very true — the endorphins work big time. I actually think it is possible to get addicted to cycling. I know I miss my commute on a weekend and, as strange as this will sound, I actually look forward to Monday mornings because I know I can get back on the bike!!
    John, welcome to my other blog! Building up is a good idea. Don’t be put off by those other cyclists riding on the dual carriageway — it can take time to build up confidence to ride on certain roads. I know that I will only ride certain routes — ie. the fast dangerous ones — if I know I am fit enough to keep up a consistently fast speed otherwise I just find all the traffic too intimidating. And what’s a few branches in the face when you could get squashed by a lorry!! 😉


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