Two serious cycling accidents in London today

My Other Half alerted me to two news stories involving cyclists in serious road accidents today.

The first happened on my "patch" — Kensington High Street — when a cyclist had his legs crushed by a lorry at around 9.20am. Judging by the story, it sounds like a classic case of what happens when a cyclist is in a lorry's blind spot and that lorry happens to be turning left.

The comments on the piece are more interesting than the actual article. My favourite is this particularly inciteful remark by someone called Mr Black: "Simply, too many people in this country, too man people in London, too many cyclists, too many vehicle drivers." 

The second accident — sadly, a fatality — occurred in Upper Thames Street two hours earlier when a cyclist was hit by a heavy goods vehicle. But there are conflicting reports, so I'm not sure if it was a man or a woman. Regardless, it's still a tragedy. To think that they were probably just trundling to work like they do every day — like I do every day — is very sad … and chilling.

We all need to be careful out there.


2 thoughts on “Two serious cycling accidents in London today

  1. Did you read about the cyclist who was killed in Swanston St Melb, also on Thursday (I think). Melb City Council are now looking at banning Tour Buses from that stretch of ‘Mall’…(she was killed by a Tour bus)


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