Indian summer ?

Absolutely beautiful weather today.

This morning was glorious. So sunny and bright and warm. One of those mornings that makes you feel good to be alive. Especially when you are flying down Rotten Row, the sun's glinting off The Serpentine and the King's Troop are galloping through Hyde Park. (I have seen the soldiers riding their horses every morning this week — yesterday they were practicing some kind of formation in the riding ring and the horses, mainly black, looked magnificent.)

This evening was equally as lovely. A warm golden light. Perfect conditions for cycling really.

NB: Still no ride stats, as the bike computer is well and truly f**ked. My Other Half suggested it might need a new battery, so I trotted off to Evans at lunch time to buy a replacement battery only to find they had none in stock (this was after a long wait for service and then an even longer wait while the chap tried to find the non-existent batteries). I then went to a second Evans store close by and handed over the old battery, telling the assistant I needed one just like it. He sold me something for £1.98 but when I got back to the office to put the new battery in the computer it turned out to be the wrong bloody size — it's too thin! Grr. These things are sent to try us…


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