Wednesday wobbles

I got home tonight feeling thankful I'd arrived in one piece. My god there were a lot of idiots on the road tonight.

First, the cyclist who pulled out of a side street right in front of me even though he had seen me coming!

Second, the open-top tourist bus which tried to run me off the road near the Albert Hall. I swear the front of the bus came within an inch or so of my handlebars. There was another bus right behind him which at least moved out to give me room to move.

Third, the motorist who cut into my lane, nearly knocking me sideways, near the Odeon Cinema on Ken High Street. Granted he waved an apology at me, but it did give me a fright to see his fender coming at me at speed.

I made sure to cycle the remaining mile or so very very carefully.

NB: no ride stats today. My bike computer went a bit stupid this morning, recording an average speed of 20.72mph and a top speed of 37.3mph!! It then decided not to work at all tonight. Looks like I need to check the wiring and magnet are in place before I set out tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I knew things weren't going to bode well on the return journey when I was getting ready to ride home. I had just wheeled my bike out of the bike park at work, which is in the basement of the building, and had got into the lift to take me to the loading bay on the ground floor. The doors to the lift closed at the same time that the fire alarm went off. A little voice in the lift informed me that: "There is an emergency situation. The lift will now return to the ground floor. You must exit the building." Except the lift didn't go to the ground floor, but went up to the first floor. This meant I had to heft my bike down six flights of stairs, owing to the first floor being the equivalent of three storeys in height! Grrr.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday wobbles

  1. Don’t you just hate riding in London, the place is just one big death trap. When I was younger and stupider my cousins and I used to go to London specifically to race the couriers, I really can’t believe we’re both still alive. The amount of times we nearly got squished between a two busses is scary. Good luck with your travels.


  2. Neil, yes, if you’re going to be pedantic about it, I mean ‘bumper bar’… I’m tri-lingual, as I am wholly conversant in American-English, Australian-English and English-English. 😉
    D, hate cycling in London?? Far from it. I love it! And I honestly don’t think it’s a death trap. There are so many cyclists on the road these days it has definitely altered the way motorists behave — it’s much less aggressive. I suspect it might have been particularly hairy 5 years ago, but things have moved on a lot.


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