Caught without lights

How did it get so dark so quickly?

I left the office at 6.10pm and the sky, brimming with dark cloud, caught me a little off guard. It was far darker than I had expected for cycling at that time of the evening. And, typically, I didn't have any lights.

I bought a new rechargeable headlight last weekend but still haven't fitted it to my bike, thinking I wouldn't need to use it for a few weeks yet. And the batteries in my red taillight are flat, so I couldn't switch that on either.

I have to say I wasn't the only cyclist travelling in semi-darkness without any lights — not that that's an excuse — but it made me realise plenty of other people were unprepared for the lengthening nights as well. I ended up cycling really fast, if only because I didn't want to be riding in the pitch black without lights.

Tomorrow I'm taking the headlight with me and getting some batteries for the taillight. I hate cycling without being properly visible to other road users.

Total distance: 12.23 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 10min and 35sec | Average speed: 10.95mph | Top speed: 18.5mph


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