A sad lack of courtesy and respect

I don't really want to turn this blog into an ongoing rant about my fellow cyclists… however… I'm getting slightly sick of those who put me at risk of collision while they go on their merry way completely oblivious to their dangerous, usually illegal, road behaviour.

This morning, at a T-intersection near Olympia I sat patiently in the green box while the traffic lights were red. I wanted to make a right turn into Hammersmith Road (for North American and European readers, this is the equivalent of making a left-hand turn).

The light turned green and I moved into the middle of the road to make the turn when a cyclist travelling through the intersection and against the lights cut right across me as he made an illegal right-hand turn into North End Road. He didn't seem to give a toss, and I was too shocked by his behaviour to give him a piece of my mind.

I hope he doesn't drive his car like that.

Tonight, a similar incident occurred at the intersection between Kensington Road and Prince of Wales Gate, but this time the cyclist came within inches of clipping my front wheel. And this time I shouted a very loud "did you not see the red light?" but he was too far gone to have properly heard me.

Now I know I am not a perfect cyclist but I do try to obey the road rules and to treat other road users with courtesy and respect.  We often give motorists a bad rap, but 9 times out of 10 I find motorists treat me fairly and with consideration for my speed and road vulnerability. Sadly, I very rarely see other cyclists adopt this attitude. I'm beginning to think I should cycle with a harpoon at the ready … or a very large basket of eggs to throw at specific two-wheeled targets!

Total distance: 12.26 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 15min and 05sec | Average speed: 10.45mph | Top speed: 17.7mph

4 thoughts on “A sad lack of courtesy and respect

  1. Amen sister.
    n00b London cyclist here but long time pedestrian.
    I *hate* cyclists jumping red lights. The number of times I’ve nearly been run down by cyclists running lights down the sides of buses or just running crossings.
    Sneakily easing round a wide open crossing is one thing but endangering others is wrong.
    I might start tipping inconsiderate cyclists off their bikes. That’ll larn ’em.


  2. I’m with you on this. The problem isn’t just the stoopidity, but the visibility of the stoopidity which gets us all tarred with the same brush. There’s a posting on C.I.C.L.E today with top tips for bike etiquette. If more riders followed these, there’d be a whole lot less bother for all.


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