More than 100km

I'm feeling rather proud of myself.

I cycled to work every day this week, totting up 62.64 miles in total. That's 100.8km in metric measurements.

Mind you, it was tough going this morning. I woke up with every muscle in my body aching, especially my leg and tummy muscles, from four days of cycling after a long absence. My back pain has also returned, confirming my theory that cycling causes it. (I haven't suffered back pain for a couple of months, which coincides with my lack of cycling.)

But my pain soon dissipated with I spied all the soldiers this morning. They were doing the hard slog, running up Rotten Row with heavy backpacks on, and some dark-eyed sergeant yelling orders at them at very high volume.

I saw more soldiers at Hyde Park Corner, jogging on the spot while they waited for the traffic lights to change. Further on I spied a lone soldier thundering down Horse Guards Parade as if his life depended on it. Poor bugger.

This evening's cycle was particularly painful though. It pissed down rain about half-way through my ride and I got completely soaked.

Then, with traffic clogged up along Kensington Gore, I decided to take a detour through the back streets of Kensington and got myself a little bit lost. (Why does that always happen whenever I'm desperate to get home??)

I eventually stumbled upon a street I recognised — it's where the late Freddie Mercury used to live — so I managed to get myself home in one piece. It added an extra mile to my journey, but it meant I totally avoided Kensington High Street, which is no bad thing.

I got in the door feeling well and truly exhausted, but kind of chuffed that I managed to cycle every day this week — I haven't done that for more than a year!

Total distance: 13.31 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 26min and 53sec | Average speed: 9.69mph | Top speed: 18.4mph


4 thoughts on “More than 100km

  1. Awesome! I have just got back cycling after a few months off and, although my journey is half the distance of yours, I’m still pleased with myself for getting out the door everyday with my bike. I’ve only managed four days a week so far, but you’re inspiring me!
    That back pain is bad, though. Stretches, stretches, stretches, my osteopath would say. Have you had your bike fitted to make sure it’s not something that a simple adjustment might fix? I think I saw something about that recently and thought it sounded like a good idea.


  2. Jemima, I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep it up though?? As to the back pain, it’s actually muscular rather than skeletal. It’d be probably more accurate to describe it as flank pain. It only occurs on my left side, so I’m not sure how my bike set-up could be altered to stop this. Maybe it’s just me?? Maybe I tend to favour my left side when I cycle up hill or something??
    I’ve been told pilates might help, so I will look into it. (I was told pilates would also help my tendency to get a stiff neck and shoulder under times of high stress.)
    Adrian, thanks. See my response above, regarding my back.
    Michael, I think when Richmond Park is locked up it would be nigh on impossible to find a route in, unless you fancy throwing your bike over a 15-foot high cast-iron gate.


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