Unexpected sights — or the strange things cyclists do while riding their bikes

When you cycle you sometimes see odd or unexpected sights.

It might be completely contrary to the health benefits of cycling, but I often see cyclists trundling along with cigarettes dangling out of their mouths!  I once saw a cyclist smoking a pipe! (Admittedly, he was an older chap.)

I often see a female cyclist "walking" her two greyhounds through Hyde Park. She cycles while holding their leads, and the dogs trot in front of her, almost like horses pulling a cart.

I once saw a cyclist with a full set of golf clubs strapped to his back. How he managed to negotiate traffic with such a dead weight on him I do not know.

But on Monday morning I saw something especially strange: a cyclist inching her way along the road while slowly eating stonefruit. Basically, she had the fruit in a supermarket bag hanging off the handlebars. She'd dive her hand in, extract a piece of fruit (I think they may have been yellow plums), eat it, then put the stone in her wicker basket. I guess she'd run out of time to have her breakfast before she left the house!

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen a cyclist do?

Today's ride stats — Total distance: 12.39 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 12min and 52sec | Average speed: 10.84mph | Top speed: 19.4mph


4 thoughts on “Unexpected sights — or the strange things cyclists do while riding their bikes

  1. It’s quite common in the surf locations of south west France to see cyclists with surfboards under their arms. You get used to it around carparks and along the beachfronts, but going around roundabouts still freaks me out.
    That said, I’m still more surprised when I see cyclists using mobile phones, like the phone is some sort of force shield that will protect them from the oncoming traffic over the busy junctions at Bank and Monument.


  2. I don’t usually smoke, but one day I was feeling somewhat churchillian and so I rode throught the busiest street in town smoking a cigar. I got a couple of strange looks.
    It was enjoyable.


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