Determined not to succumb to the little voice in my head that whispered, "It's way too wet to ride your bike today" I put on my cycling gear and braved this morning's horrendous rain.

It was 7.30am when I left the house and I was sat at my desk at 8.10am. Yes, it was a quick ride in, helped in part by very little traffic. There were hardly any cars about and very few cyclists. Was it any wonder when the weather was so bad? Most sensible people were still tucked up in bed.

I arrived at work drenched right through. My suede shoes were absolutely sopping. My socks held about a litre of water — each. My knee-length shorts felt like I'd just pulled them out of the washing machine. And my gloves were completely soaked.

The best bit was the state of my legs: road grime and mud all over them!

Yes, I was a rather attractive sight… not.

Typically, the ride home was completely different: it was so sunny I had to don my sunglasses! And there were tonnes of bikes and cars clogging up the roads. But it was rather nice arriving home without looking like I'd just fallen in the river!

Total distance: 12.24 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 13min and 48sec | Average speed: 10.51mph | Top speed: 16.9mph


One thought on “Wet

  1. I’m glad to hear you went for it. And you smelled, and tasted and felt the environment rather than the environment tasting, smelling and feeling you.
    Thanks for going for it.


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