The first few minutes in the saddle

Oh my god, it’s August already! Summer’s on the wane and I’ve barely cycled through any of it. I decided to rectify that situation this morning and dug my bike out of storage — covered in builder’s dust it was — and hit the road early.

I love that first few minutes in the saddle after you haven’t cycled for a long time, because you suddenly remember why you love commuting by bike so much. There’s no hanging around train platforms waiting for trains that don’t turn up. There’s no pushing and shoving to get onboard over-crowded carriages. There’s no delays. No annoying passengers pressed up closer than what would be socially — and legally — acceptable in any other situation.

Oh. And there’s the fresh morning air (or as fresh as it can be in London) and the quiet stillness before the city truly comes alive. You see people walking to work, or the tube, or heading off to school. And there are delivery vans dropping off produce and supplies at local shops, and there’s the promise of a whole new day in front of you. That’s why I like commuting by bicycle — aside from the health (mental and physical), financial and environmental benefits.

Total distance: 12.16 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 11min and 38sec | Average speed: 10.73mph | Top speed: 18.1mph

One thought on “The first few minutes in the saddle

  1. Hi. Just bumped into your blog. I’m glad you dusted off the bike. I love the sights and sounds and smells of bike commuting. You put it well. The quiet stillness brings calm and peace before and after work.


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