Rant of the century

One particular Bristol resident doesn’t think much of cyclists. In a letter to the Bristol Evening Post, he writes:

And make no mistake, cyclists are criminals.

me remind you, it’s still illegal to cycle on pavements, run red
lights, ride the wrong way down a one way street, whizz through
pedestrian crossings (when pedestrians are actually crossing them) and
hop from road to pavement with reckless abandon and the attention span
of an amoeba.

And yet they’re not treated as criminals – rather,
they’re elevated as warriors fighting against an irresponsible and
polluted world, two-wheeled titans of a healthy and eco-conscious
crusade and martyrs of an ethical and planet- saving battle that will
one day have us all reading The Guardian and recycling our potato

Rubbish. They’re law-breaking lunatics masking their
own inconsiderate egos under the pretence of doing something right-on
and commendable.

You can read the full rant letter here. The comments (164 when I visited the site) are definitely worth a look.

[Via the CTC newsletter]


4 thoughts on “Rant of the century

  1. Have you ever ridden a bicycle?? Do you know the feeling of the air across your chest? Riding a bicycle is liberating, fresh and beats the pants off sitting in a stagnant car, tube or bus. Until you have experienced the full extent of bicycular freedom don’t try and extract it from others. Hugs and kisses, Rob.


  2. It looks more like another irresponsible schoolboy prank than a genuine opinion. As spoof diatribes go, he aimed it just about right to spark off the same pained reaction that we always give when someone attacks cycling like this – it was the same when that bozo exMP penned a similar rant about cycling in the national press earlier this year (tho he should have known better). Do you think that Jamie and his mates are sniggering at the back of the class at all the righteous indignation that his letter has provoked?


  3. Sometimes the truth lies between 2 extremes. Of course there are truths in it. Going through red lights is dangerous, illegal etc, riding on the pavement is illegal etc.
    However, painting all cyclists with the same brush is the same as comparing all drivers to the new hero in GTA IV!


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