A problem with my back

After eight months or more of intermittent flank pain, I went to the doctor who advised me to stop riding the bike for a month to see if that might alleviate it, because he suspects it might be muscular. Alas, I stop riding and the pain gets worse. After almost a week of constant niggling pain, I decided to ride the bike this morning because maybe the exercise would help. And you know what? It did. There was no pain while riding and, furthermore, I sat comfortably in my office chair all day and did not feel the usual discomfort. I’ve arrived home and can only just feel a dull ache, but nowhere near as bad as it has been over the past 10 or so days. I will see how I feel tomorrow and make my own judgement call as to whether riding the bike is the cause of my backache or my salvation.

Total distance: 12.16 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 11min and 46sec | Average speed: 10.79mph | Top speed: 19.8mph


4 thoughts on “A problem with my back

  1. I went through a phase of ‘butt pain’ – turned out to be sciatica, caused by a pinching of nerves coming out of your spine into the leg (through the bum!) – ended up down leg, into foot sometimes – ouch. Cycling helped, but most of all a set of safe static exercises on all fours (5mins/day) which loosened up & strengthened lower back/abdomen – I got this after seeing a physio and 3 years on it hasn’t come back! Maybe physio (espec. one with sports injury experience) a better place to go than the Dr.? Happy riding…


  2. Hey Kimbofo – I’ve had a bad back for several years now, and figure it was largely caused by many years of bike commuting with a very heavy backpack on my shoulders (why didn’t I use my paniers all that time!!)
    I don’t find bike riding causes me any pain – funnily enough, just walking can set it off sometimes. BUTTT… core exercise totally helps out… either yoga, tai chi, pilates, or just dedicated stretching with some push ups, will help out.


  3. Tuco, after a process of elimination I’ve figured out that two things cause me back pain: standing/walking for long periods in flat shoes and riding my bike!! I’m going to have a look at doing pilates — I was advised to take this up by a sports massage therapist who used to treat shoulder pain caused by stress (now cured) a few years ago. There are classes at work, but I may have to wait until the next course starts. Thanks for the advice.


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