Summer’s getting closer

You know summer is on the way when:

  • you get to ride to work in daylight
  • you get to ride home in daylight
  • you need your sunglasses for both commutes
  • there are more tourists hanging out on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace that you have to trundle past without running over
  • the daffodil blooms look like they are about to wither and die, if they haven’t already
  • you notice green shoots on the trees
  • there are more cyclists everywhere (where, by the way, did all these fat blokes come from?)

Total distance: 12.13 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 09min and 17sec | Average speed: 11.10mph | Top speed: 18.7mph


4 thoughts on “Summer’s getting closer

  1. Kevin, the fat cyclists are everywhere right now, mostly male, mostly middle-aged and mostly riding bikes that look like they are straining under the cargo that far exceeds their maximum weight limit! (Oooo, I’m cruel)


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