After an 11-day hiatus (caused by increased workload, laziness and Easter hols) I finally got back on the bike this morning. Typically, after a long weekend of snow flurries and very cold temperatures, the start of the working week dawned bright and sunny!

I thought it would be incredibly cold on the bike and went so far as to don my Icelandic socks (which are made out pure Icelandic wool … and are the warmest socks known to man) to protect my little footsies from the (expected) zero temperature, but I needn’t have worried. The weather was remarkably pleasant.

However, I did struggle with my fitness. About 2km in I felt like I’d hit a brick wall. I had absolutely no energy levels and could barely make it up the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens. Fortunately, the second wind came shortly after and I got to work in my usual time. I just found it hard work.

The return journey was better. I caught most of the green lights, which helped, and I got a real buzz zipping down Kensington High Street with a pack of about 12 other cyclists of all ages, sizes and descriptions. When you "take the lane" as a  group it feels so much safer — there’s definitely a noticeable difference in the way that motorised traffic behaves around you, giving you more room and driving more slowly.

Total distance: 12.29 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 14min and 13sec | Average speed: 10.56mph | Top speed: 19.1mph

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