Cycling into the sunset


Tonight’s sunset was one of the most amazing urban sunsets I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

I stepped out of the office at about 5.50pm and everything seemed to be aglow. It was almost dark but the sky was lit up in the most vivid orange imaginable. The light was bouncing off everything: the river, the glass buildings, the road. And it was stunning.

All the buildings along the Embankment, lining the river, were in shadow, but the sky behind them resembled the skin of a juicy, ripe orange. The whole scene looked like a stage set. Not quite real.

Then, over Westminster Bridge, I held my breath at the beauty of Westminster Palace bathed in a dazzling gold light, the sky forming the most perfect backdrop of apricot and tangerine.

By the time I cycled around Parliament Square, the sound of Big Ben chiming 6pm, the heavens had turned a deep navy blue, and it was all over, just a small orange smudge fading in the distance.

Total distance: 12.38 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 14min and 46sec | Average speed: 10.50mph | Top speed: 20.1mph

4 thoughts on “Cycling into the sunset

  1. Ooo I love a good sunset. It sounds silly but there are sunsets that you will *always* remember and those you won’t.
    For me I remember seeing the most spectacular sunset in Edinburgh in Jan ’97. Amazing as the sun set over the city. ANother was the spectacular sunset in Cooktown May ’07. I will never forget it. So many gorgeous colurs setting over the mountains and behind the Endevour River.
    This sounds like a sunset you won’t forget…


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