Spot the bandstand


I took this photograph last April during a Saturday morning trundle through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. But I see this scene every day on my normal commute. Yes, I know, life can be hard at times!

Mind you, this stretch of bike path is NEVER this quiet on a week day. And because it’s shared with pedestrians and joggers and dog walkers you can’t really bomb along here lest you cause an accident!

I have to say I have seen some interesting sights while riding along here over the past couple of years.

  • There was the man hitting golf balls, without any consideration for other park users. Thank goodness I wear a bicycle helmet!
  • There was a giant gaggle of ducks crossing the road, in no hurry whatsoever and completely oblivious to the cyclists ringing their bells and making enough noise to wake the dead. (Actually, this happens on a semi-regular basis, but is more prevalent in Hyde Park.)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Here’s a map (click to enlarge) of the park for those of you who like these things. Starting at the bottom, I follow the blue dotted line, trundle up the Broadwalk (my biggest hill of the route to work) and turn right onto the path that skirts the Round Pond and goes past the Bandstand, emerging at the gate near the Serpentine Gallery. Note that at this time of year, I can only cycle along here in the morning — the park closes at dusk so on my return journey I have to use the road. Guess you can’t have everything.


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