Something about spatial awareness

On this morning’s route there were loads of policemen handing out leaflets to cyclists around the Hyde Park Corner area. I took one and shoved it in my pocket to read later.

Unfortunately, the leaflet isn’t very clear and it could do with some proper sub-editing. (I’m an editor, so I’m picky about these things *grin*) But it appears to be aimed at raising the spatial awareness of cyclists. This is what it says:


Cyclists and Pedestrians V Large Goods Vehicles

Working in partnership with Birds Groupage Services Limited and Cemex UK, we invite you inside, both an articulated and rigid lorry cab to give you the heads up on the driver’s view.

One day this may just save your life.

Horse Guards Parade, London SW1.
Monday 12 – Thursday 15 November, 08.30 to 18.30

Interesting… I think?

Just for the record, here’s the numbers for today’s ride.

Total distance: 12.95 miles | Ride time: 1hr, 21min and 43sec | Average speed: 10.07mph | Top speed: 19mph


3 thoughts on “Something about spatial awareness

  1. I do hope they have a spatial awareness session for lorry drivers where they put them on bicycles and blow past them 30+ km/hr faster than they are travelling with inches to spare with lorries. Feeling the vaccuum ahead of the rear wheels should leave them with a completely new sense of the appreciation cyclists hold for them. I also hope they demonstrate to lorry drivers the “right hook” (urm, that would be “left hook” there) and how it leaves moving cyclists with nowhere to go but under the rear wheels.


  2. I think that’s a terrific idea. There’s a lot that can be learned by changing your perspective and seeing things from another’s point of view. And that means I also agree with geoffrey.
    Are you going to take ’em up on the offer kimbo? I’d love to hear what you observe–and what they tell you.


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