Yesterday’s journey

No cycling today. I took the day off work, mainly to mooch around the house and get a few bits and pieces done, but let me tell you about yesterday’s commute.

The morning ride in was busier than normal, but sometimes you get into the flow of things and become "one" with the traffic — does that make sense? — and everything comes together, you catch all the green lights, you don’t get stuck behind any big vehicles and others let you into their lane with a nod and a smile.

The journey home was equally rewarding. The highlight, though, was cycling the length of Kensington High Street with a group of fellow cyclists. We were all strangers, but all of equal ability (typically, I was the only female) and we journeyed together for about a mile-and-a-half as a "caravan", taking up an entire lane and watching out for each other — no undertaking, tailgating or cutting up — and boy, was it fun. We were travelling at the same speed as the motorised traffic and it felt good. I came home and told my Other Half it was just like cycling the Tour de France — but without the drugs or blood doping!

Round trip total distance: 12.64 miles | Ride time: 77min and 00sec | Average speed: 10.47mph | Top speed: 19.1mph

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s journey

  1. Quite often on my commutes I’ve passed a line of cyclists (usually hugging the curb gutter) to later find them all on my back wheel. My conclusion is that when they get out and take the lane higher velocities come easily. That and I’m convinced seeing another cyclist crank at a higher pace gives them the courage to try likewise.
    Commuting daily you would have the legs and lungs to do the same. Don’t be afraid to compel others to take their place in traffic and set the pace!


  2. My commutes this week have been like that. Tuesday morning I guy caught my wheel about halfway along my route — by the time were in Palo Alto we were a train of a half dozen cycle commuters breezing along at nearly 20 mph. It was a mixed group of men and women, young and old, and it was kinda cool.


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