Madness on the roads

It’s official. Today’s journey was the slowest I’ve ever had the pleasure of undertaking. Why?

Two words: Tube. Strike.

Every dingbat with a bike they haven’t ridden in god knows how many years had dusted it off to ride into work this morning. People with the seat too high, or too low. Tyres only partly inflated. Squeaky brakes. You get the idea. And with no f**king clue regarding road rules, respect for other road users or how to keep yourself out of dangerous situations. I swear I’m going to get a t-shirt printed that says SIDLE UP ALONGSIDE A CONVOY OF RED BUSES AND YOU MAY AS WELL ORGANISE THE FUNERAL NOW!


Aside from the twits on their bikes, there were other hazards to take into consideration: gridlocked traffic, swarms of pedestrians, about a trillion buses and more scooters and motorbikes than normal. There was so much congestion, I often had to sit at the lights for two sessions before I could make my way across various intersections. And don’t even mention Hyde Park Corner. I think it took me 15 minutes to get across it this morning!!

When I finally arrived at work I was exhausted — not physically but mentally. It was like I’d spent 45 minutes playing a life-and-death arcade game with the world and his wife.

The return journey was equally tiring and frustrating. I’ll be glad when the tubes are back up and running as per normal — supposedly on Friday — because I want my road space back!

Today’s round trip total distance: 12.82 miles | Ride time: 80min and 46sec | Average speed: 9.96mph | Top speed: 19.5mph


6 thoughts on “Madness on the roads

  1. I wonder if one problem for some of the bad cyclists during the Tube strike could be that they try to follow the rules they learnt on the Cycling Proficiency Test when they were children.
    I’ve noticed that city cycling means ignoring some of those things, such as pulling into the middle of the road when you want to turn right (in the UK), as traffic doesn’t take them into consideration.
    Likewise, you end up having to stop and start behind buses rather than attempting to overtake them, as that can throw you into too much traffic – and they’ll overtake you again within seconds, anyway!


  2. Warren, thanks! There’s nothing like a good rant, is there? 😉
    engelsk, I don’t think these people follow rules of any kind! In fact, most of them don’t even seem to have an ounce of common sense. Sidling up the inside of a convoy of buses is just asking for trouble, IMHO.


  3. On the bright side, I’m sure it’s good for business for the bike shops.
    I’m completely fascinated that you record your speed and distance in miles rather than using metric measures. As an American, I’m led to believe that the entire world is metric except for us backwards Americans.


  4. Fritz, very true about the bike shops. I rather suspect it will also boost the amount of cyclists on the road once the strike is over. That’s because those who were forced to cycle to work because there were no trains will suddenly realise cycling is actually pretty good fun and why not do it every day?
    As per the metric vs imperial measurements, I spent the first 29 years of my life in metric Australia and had to readjust to imperial measurements when I moved to the UK, which is still stuck in the dark ages as far as measuring distance is concerned. I’ve got used to it now and just find it easier to talk about miles rather than kms because that’s the common language everyone speaks here.


  5. I grew up in metric Japan, so I’m measures bilingual 😉 These days I think more in Imperial measures than SI units, though translation is pretty quick for things like miles/km, Fahrenheit/Celsius and pounds/kg.


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