50 sporadic miles

My cycling has been a little bit sporadic over the past three weeks. I’m working long hours, with little time for lunch, and by days’ end my brain has turned to mush. In the end, something has to give — and I’m afraid it’s been my cycling.

I have, however, discovered the benefits of having a secure undercover bike park at work, which means if I ride in in the morning I don’t necessarily have to ride the bike back home that evening. I can keep the bike locked up at work and ride it the next day — or whenever I’ve got enough energy to get out of my office chair!

Unfortunately, the first time it occurred to me that I could do this I forgot one important element. If you leave your Oyster card at home, it’ll cost a wapping £4 to make a short tube journey home.  I tend to take my Oyster card with me wherever I go now, regardless of whether I catch the tube or not — just in case.

Anyway, over the past few weeks I’ve probably only ridden in once or twice a week. Pathetic. But better to do something than nothing at all, right?

Total distance post July 23: 50.73 miles | Ride time: 5hrs 1min 7sec | Average speed: 10.73mph | Top speed: 22.2mph


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