A new service for fairweather, overly tired or drunk cyclists

London cyclists who find they can’t quite make the return journey home due to tiredness, fear of bad weather, drunkenness, injury, mechanical breakdown or sheer bloody laziness can now call a special telephone service for assistance.

Climatecars is a taxi service that has bicycle racks to cart your faithful treadly home for you.

Sounds wonderful, but there’s no indication of the expense, and I rather suspect it isn’t cheap. Personally, I’d rather just leave my bike locked up in the office bike park and ride it home the next day.

(Via the CTC newsletter)

Notes to the idiots

Today’s commute was fast and quick. But the idiot count was very high.

(If you’d prefer not to read the following rants, I suggest you go make yourself a cup of tea — or simply click your mouse!)

To the girl who decided to undertake me this evening, then rode up onto the footpath and then back onto the road without giving way to me, thanks so much! There was a reason why I was sat behind a bus at a safe distance while we were at the traffic lights. That you ignored that because you couldn’t be bothered sitting behind me for two seconds speaks volumes about your inability to think ahead and read the road. If you were in a car you would have killed me. But because you were on a bike and I could almost pre-guess what you were going to do I was able to prevent an accident happening. I hope my shouting at you and calling you a f**kwit got the message across. Next time have some consideration for your fellow cyclists! And learn the road rules!

To the woman in the brown quilted jacket, knee-length brown skirt and court shoes, traffic lights are there for a reason. Tonight I saw you come within inches of being knocked off your bike by a car because you foolishly ignored the lights while going around a blind corner. A mile-and-a-half up the road I saw you cross Hyde Park Corner while the lights were still red and, once again, you almost got hit by a car coming around the bend. To avoid getting hit, you then went the wrong way up the road, scattering a bunch of cyclists who were patiently sat at the lights abiding the law.

If that wasn’t enough, when I finally passed you going up the South Carriage, I was hoping that was the last I’d see of you. But no. I was scooting down Kensington High Street (which was particularly hairy tonight because of the unusually high number of red buses on the road) you chose to put yourself in further danger by overtaking a bus which had right of way. I swear I closed my eyes, because I couldn’t bear to see you being splattered across the road. I’m convinced you are not long for this world, particularly if you keep riding your bike as if the world revolves around you!

There. I feel much better now I have that out of my system!

Today’s roundtrip total distance: 12.56 miles | Ride time: 70min and 37sec | Average speed: 11.11mph | Top speed: 19.1mph

50 sporadic miles

My cycling has been a little bit sporadic over the past three weeks. I’m working long hours, with little time for lunch, and by days’ end my brain has turned to mush. In the end, something has to give — and I’m afraid it’s been my cycling.

I have, however, discovered the benefits of having a secure undercover bike park at work, which means if I ride in in the morning I don’t necessarily have to ride the bike back home that evening. I can keep the bike locked up at work and ride it the next day — or whenever I’ve got enough energy to get out of my office chair!

Unfortunately, the first time it occurred to me that I could do this I forgot one important element. If you leave your Oyster card at home, it’ll cost a wapping £4 to make a short tube journey home.  I tend to take my Oyster card with me wherever I go now, regardless of whether I catch the tube or not — just in case.

Anyway, over the past few weeks I’ve probably only ridden in once or twice a week. Pathetic. But better to do something than nothing at all, right?

Total distance post July 23: 50.73 miles | Ride time: 5hrs 1min 7sec | Average speed: 10.73mph | Top speed: 22.2mph