Morning chaos, evening rain

I look forward to my Monday morning cycle, seeing as it kind of sets me up for the rest of the week.

This morning’s ride was slightly chaotic — and disturbing — especially up Ken High Street where too many buses and white vans conspired to try and run me off the road. But fighting for my life (a bit of poetic licence, there) sharpened my mind so that by the time I got to the office I had enough energy to write a rather complicated lead news story and an opinion column, sub-edit a page of letters and oversee the redesign of two news pages — all before lunch time!

The return journey, undertaken in drizzling rain that turned to a big downpour about a mile from home, was more exciting. The cordons and road blocks for Saturday’s Tour de France prologue were still in place, so it meant my ride along the South Carriage was fast and furious and I didn’t have to worry about any vehicular traffic giving me grief. I hope they stay in place tomorrow. Cycling is so much more fun without the cars, taxis and buses!

Today’s roundtrip total distance: 12.75 miles | Ride time: 77min and 32sec | Average speed: 10.59mph | Top speed: 20.7mph


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