Back on the bike

Confession time: I haven’t cycled properly since April. This has been due to a combination of injury and illness. Plus I have had a few trips away and have taken some annual leave, so I haven’t been around much. But the biggest reason for not cycling basically lies in a change of job which has meant working longer, more unsociable hours. I now have a handle on that job (or, as one of my staffers told me last week, "it feels like the tanker has finally turned"), so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of more regular commuting by bike. July is going to be a good cycling month!

Today, despite the cooler temperatures and the threat of rain (it’s been raining here for weeks now, for awhile there I considered building an ark) I decided to cycle into the office. I left earlier than normal, at about 7.40am, and was parking my bike up at the other end at around 8.15am.

It had been a slow ride (I’m out of condition) but a pleasant one. And I didn’t witness any aggression as I did the last time I got on the bike.

This evening’s return trip was slow too, this time due to a lightly falling rain and bicycle congestion. Honestly, I’ve never seen so many bikes on the road, which is a good thing, but I wish cyclists weren’t so incompetent. The slow ones that weave all over the place absolutely do my head in. As do the ones that cross intersections without keeping to the left, so that you have to play demolition derby to get across the road. Mind you, the pedestrians aren’t much better.

Still, I probably do dumb things that irritate others too, so I’ll refrain from making any more negative comments.

Here’s hoping I’m not too stiff or sore to get back on the bike again tomorrow!

Today’s roundtrip total distance: 13 miles | Ride time: 79min and 01sec | Average speed: 10.04 mph | Top speed: 18.1 mph

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