Aggressive Monday

Not sure what was wrong with everyone this morning, but I’ve never experienced such aggression on the roads in one 30 minute session.

There were cyclists yelling at other cyclists.

Cyclists cutting each other up on the roads.

Taxis yelling at cyclists.

Cyclists giving taxis the finger.

At one point I thought one particular taxi driver and cyclist were going to come to blows. (You always know a taxi driver is pretty pissed off when he leans across the cabin to wind down his passenger side window so he can yell abuse out of it.)

It didn’t help that there were road blocks everywhere and in some places traffic had ground to a standstill. Cue angry drivers and much beeping of horns!

After all that I was glad to arrive at work in one piece. Funnily enough, by the time I got to my desk I felt rather out of sorts, almost as if the exposure to so much aggression during my trek in had rubbed off. Normally cycling puts me in a good mood, not a bad one.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s road users aren’t quite as grumpy as they were this morning! I honestly don’t need the stress.


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