The great return

I’ve had more returns than the Pink Panther, but today I got back on the bike after an extended hiatus. I haven’t cycled properly since Easter, and I haven’t commuted to work since I fell off my bike on May 9. I’d love to say that’s because it took me a month to recover, but if I’m honest it’s mainly due to the fact that I got promoted at work and my hours — and my schedule — have gone completely haywire. Things will hopefully start to settle down over the next month or so as I come to grips with my new role…

Anyway, getting back on the bike was a bit of a rude shock. I set off early but there were cyclists EVERYWHERE. Where have they all come from? Where were they in winter? There must have been 60 or more of us crossing Hyde Park Corner at 8am.

I couldn’t help noticing all the people who had their seats too low and were cycling with knees sticking out at odd angles.  They might look ridiculous, but I kept thinking it must be extremely uncomfortable to ride like that. Surely they know they need to lift the seat… or do they?

And then there were all the people wearing crap shoes — flip flops in city traffic is just asking for trouble, in my humble opinion. (After my accident last month, I’ve ditched my slippy cycling shoes in exchange for some Puma speed cats. I initially bought them as casual shoes for the summer, but I think I’ll use them for commuting — they grip my pedals well and they’re lovely and comfy.)

On the return journey there were slightly less cyclists but a STACK more motorised traffic — more motorised traffic than I normally grapple with. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I hit the road at 6.30pm instead of my usual 5.15pm and everyone was racing home after the congestion charge expired at 6pm. If I’m honest, I’ll admit all those cars and buses and taxis and white vans and motorbikes put me on edge a little. I missed a couple of turnings and had to backtrack. I don’t usually do that. As a result my journey was quite slow, but at least I got home in one piece.

Now, to do it all again tomorrow!

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