Basket case

BikebasketThere’s a new theory doing the rounds that suggests that if you install a basket on your bike — preferably a wicker one — it will act as an effective theft-deterrent. Apparently bike thieves think baskets are too uncool for them to bother stealing the bike to which the basket is attached.

I wonder, then, what they would make of this one (pictured above). It’s made from plastic, comes in various colours (white, green, black) and is known as ‘Carrie’.

Designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson says it was inspired by memories of her
grandmother’s crocheted tablecloths on which she used to serve afternoon tea.

You can find out more at Design House Stockholm, including a list of stockists from around the world.

Personally, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s kind of cool in its own special way — and on certain bikes it’d look downright funky.

(Via the CTC newsletter)

One thought on “Basket case

  1. I almost bought a bike with a basket on the weekend. It was just a cheap second-hand job that I was intending to use only as a shopping bike. Alas, when I returned from my 195km ride on Saturday, it wasn’t there.
    The un-cool factor works pretty well. An old friend of mine re-built a bike from really old, worn-out parts some years ago. It was never stolen, despite the fact that he never locked it up anywhere.


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