I hobbled into work today, limping every step of the way. Do you know how painful it is to go up and down stairs when your ankle is bruised and your shin is cut and your knee is bandaged? London is full of stairs. Tube stations, bridges, buildings.

And then there’s the doors. My upper body — particularly my right side — is so stiff and sore I struggled to push open heavy glass doors without wincing. Unfortunately, my office is full of the bloody things: if I so much as want to get a coffee from the staff restaurant I have to push through about six doors. If I want to go to the wash room I’ve got to force my way through about ten! No wonder I decided it might just be less painful to sit at my desk and not move at all. Except not moving means that when I do decide to move my arms and legs feel stiffer than ever.

I hope things are easier tomorrow.


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