And the bike park saga continues…

I didn’t cycle yesterday because I couldn’t face having to deal with the whole cart-your-bike-up-and-down-stairs at the new office again. But I regretted it, because I always feel slightly grumpy when I don’t get my daily cycling fix.

So this morning I took the plunge and hoped that things might be less fraught this time around. And guess what? It was.

The loading bay is not "under construction" as I had originally been told, but is simply being used by lots of construction workers (the building is still being fitted out). This means if you want to use the loading bay lift you need to be patient.

I must say this morning’s five-minute wait for the lift was worth it. It was so much nicer to take my bike down into the basement cycle park via a slow-moving metal box rather than struggling down a set of stairs and about four different fire exit doors and then a series of unmarked warren-like corridors.

However, taking my bike back up to street level this evening was slightly less successful. Despite waiting and waiting and waiting for the lift to collect me from the basement, it trundled down ever so slowly from floor 6 to the ground floor, then it went back up! I was livid. I’d already wasted 10 minutes (yes, 10 minutes) waiting for the damn thing, so I decided to haul my bike up the stairs instead! Grrr.

One of the security guards was very sympathetic when I explained the situation. He then suggested that tomorrow it might be easier for me to use the car park in the third floor basement as motorists have their own separate lift. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but this is a prime case of cyclists being treated like second-class citizens in favour of car drivers.

I can feel a ranting e-mail to management coming on tomorrow… you wouldn’t see car drivers being told they couldn’t park their cars in their designated space because the lift was too busy, so why is it okay for cyclists to put up with such rubbish conditions?


2 thoughts on “And the bike park saga continues…

  1. If by “warren-like corridors” you mean hallways that are (somehow) tall, dark and rakishly handsome — I don’t see what the problem would be… 8^)
    Seriously, I hope things get straightened out soon.


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