A new routine

Today, the company I work for moved into new offices. This meant I had to cycle an extra kilometre. No big deal there.

The big deal came when it was time to park my bike. We had been told that cyclists would be greeted at the loading bay and then shown our new whizz-bang underground cycle park, which has been fitted out with lockers and a shower room.

My first problem was locating the loading bay. Little did I know the loading bay is still under construction. I cycled round and round looking for it.

When I decided I must be going mad I stopped and asked one of the
dozens of hard-hatted workmen hanging around a side exit if he knew
where the cycle park was. He directed me to someone else. Who then
directed me in the wrong direction. Eventually, I found someone who
knew what was going on, and I was told to sign in and then "just carry
your bike down a flight of stairs".

Yes. Carry. Your. Bike. Down. A. Flight. Of. Stairs.

But he forgot to mention: There’s. A. Fire. Exit. Door. On. Each.
Landing. Which. Opens. Out. The. Wrong. Way. So. It. Will. Be. Near.
To. Impossible. To. Get. Your. Bike. Down. There. Without. Incurring.
Bruises. To. You. Or. Scratches. To. Your. Bike.

He also didn’t tell me that there would be no lights and no clear directions about where to find the darn cycle park.

So here I am stumbling around in the dark with a bike weighed down
with a heavy bike bag trying to find a room that might just possibly
exist only in my imagination!

Eventually some kind construction worker who was passing through was
able to help me out by showing me to the park and turning the light on
for me!

Once in the room, I then had the weird task of trying to get my bike
into one of those strange vertical bike stands. I’m only 5’7" (170cm)
and I swear those things are designed for tall men. It was such a
struggle to get the bike in place and then I had the "joy" of trying to
lock it up: my Specialized bike lock would not stretch far enough to
take in the wheel, frame and bike stand. Grrr.

Anyway, once the bike was parked up I was ready to find a locker to
hang up my clothes and then I’d use the shower facilities for a wash.
Guess what. The lockers aren’t ready. The showers aren’t ready.

No big deal, because I’ve never had the luxury of a locker or a
shower room at work before. But the new office — very modern, very
lovely, very "new" — has skimped on the personal storage space, so
there’s nowhere to keep my paperwork much less half a wardrobe,and
there’s not even a coat hook in sight (and you all remember how much I
love coat hooks!
) And the bathrooms, while very posh, are quite tiny.

I can only hope that things will improve over the next few weeks.
I’ve already been promised that once the loading bay is complete
there’ll be no need to cart the bike up and down stairs as there will
be a dedicated lift for cyclists. Tomorrow I am seriously considering
parking my bike back at the old office, which is still operating until
all divisions of the company have moved across to the new build. Either that, or I’ll park it in the street!


2 thoughts on “A new routine

  1. I’ve moved offices quite a few times, and I generally take the train for the first day or two while I case the joint, checking out where all the facilities are.
    In my most recent move I had to get an access card so that I didn’t end up locked in the car park with no way out other than the (alarm-activating) fire escape…


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