First service

She might only be 5 weeks old, but my bike had her first service today. It was a free service courtesy of Evans Cycles — and I am so glad I took them up on the offer, I had wondered whether it was really necessary.

Tonight’s ride home felt completely different: the brakes tighter, the gears smoother, the tyres harder. I would not have thought a new bike could be much "improved" upon so soon after having bought it. But I stand corrected.

I really ought to do a bike mechanics course…


4 thoughts on “First service

  1. It’s amazing what a difference a service can make.
    All the bits and pieces go out of tune so very slowly that you don’t even notice it, but when they’re all put right you certainly know about it.


  2. You can probably do most of what they do yourself. A high-powered floor pump is reasonably cheap and an easy way to keep the pressure on your tyres where you want it. A little bit of chain degreaser and an old rag can clean a chain pretty well, and a little bit of chain lube (something a commuter should carry everywhere anyway) can make it feel like you’ve had the service every week.
    I find the hardest part is finding the time to do it.


  3. Rodney, yes, you’re right. I can’t believe the difference in my bike — even after just five weeks of ownership.
    Chris, I can definitely do the basics — air in tyres and chain lubrication — but I’m not so sure when it comes to fiddling with brakes and gears or taking wheels on and off etc. Something I’d like to learn…


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