Cycling past the daffodils


Every day last spring I would cycle past the daffodils blooming in Green Park and make a mental note to bring my camera to take a photograph. Of course, every day I would forget to bring my camera. And so the daffodils died and I never got to take a picture.

For the past three weeks I’ve cycled past the same patch of daffodils and told myself that I MUST not do what I did last year. And so last Thursday I took my camera and stopped to take some snaps midway through my morning commute.


I’m so glad I did. When I cycled past this morning I noted that these daffodils are definitely on the way out: by week’s end I rather suspect all the blooms will have withered into ugly brown clumps.

Now I’ve got to make sure I take a photograph of the patch of mixed blooms — daffodils, bluebells and crocus — under the giant London plane trees in Hyde Park before they, too, have died out… and I have to wait another year for the opportunity to come around again. So if you’re a London cyclist and see someone wearing a high-viz jacket poncing around with a camera in a patch of flowers over the next day or two, that’ll be me!


3 thoughts on “Cycling past the daffodils

  1. Melody, your comment made me laugh out loud. I hate daffodils because of that you-know-where place, but I quite like seeing the vast fields of them in London!
    Chris, you’ll be amazed at the flowers in London at that time — most of them will be in hanging baskets out the front of pubs. I always think they look gorgeous.


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