Nice bike — but should I insure it?

Tonight I spied a fellow cyclist with exactly the same bike as mine.

"Hey, nice bike," I said as we sat side by side at the traffic lights.

"Oh, thanks," she beamed, completely oblivious to the fact I was also riding a Specialized Sports Sirrus.

I waited a beat to see if she would notice, before adding: "It’s the same as mine."

"Oh, it is! Snap!"

I laughed.

"Great bike," she enthused. "This is my third one."

"Third? Really?"

"Yep, the other two got stolen. So be careful, the thieves like these bikes too!"

And then the lights changed and she was off. And now I’m paranoid that someone’s going to nick my new baby, which makes me wonder, should I insure it? Sometimes I wish I didn’t start conversations I can’t finish!


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