Slip sliding away

I bought some new pedals today and had The Mechanic put them on for me tonight. They are alloy platform pedals by Raleigh (£11.99) that can be used as clipless ones if necessary. I thought it was a priority to have some "proper" pedals put on because I experienced a few scary incidences with my "modified" pedals on today’s commute.

Apologies to all those cyclists queued up behind me this morning when my foot slipped and I "stalled" the bike at the lights. Now I know what they mean by the term "domino effect". It wasn’t so much cyclists falling over, but everyone apologising to each other for running into the back of the person in front.

I did something similar on the return journey, but fortunately there were no other cyclists behind me.

Hopefully with some more sturdy pedals under my feet, tomorrow’s commute will be a less dodgy affair. And I won’t cause any more unexpected rear-enders.


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