Not quite up to speed

The new bike is bloody fast. But I didn’t break any commuter records today due to:

1. Congestion up Ken High Street this morning. So much for the extended congestion zone! Probably didn’t help that I left at 8.05am — I usually like to be on the bike no later than 7.45am.
2. Closure of Horse Guards Parade. I think they’re fixing the water pipes — and it looks like it’s going to last for ages. Have made a mental note to find an alternative morning route.
3. A major police incident near Olympia this evening. Two blocks were cordoned off, which meant a rather longish walk. Not sure what the problem was but there was a big red Royal Mail van parked at an odd angle out the front of the Flower and Drum pub. A traffic accident or a thwarted robbery?

All that aside, it was lovely to be back on the bike after an unplanned two week break. I just hope tomorrow’s commute is a little less "interrupted".


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