Still without wheels

I thought I was going to cry tonight. Big choking sobs as I walked down Fulham Broadway. Turns out my bike was not ready for collection. They "forgot" to book it in. So my new bike sat in the shop’s storage area all day with a bag containing my newly purchased mudguards, packrack, bottle holder and wheel bolts slung over its handlebars and not one staff member stopped to check what it was doing there! Grrrr.

They were very apologetic. Of course. And promised it would be ready for collection tomorrow evening. Let’s hope so. As much as I like bike shops and ogling all the shiny silver things they have in stock I am rather sick of spending my evenings hanging out it in them: tomorrow will be three nights in a row, which represents two nights too many.

So as much as I had wanted to regale you with tales of my lovely new steed, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until the weekend to hear all about them — assuming of course that the bike shop mechanic remembers that new Specialized Sirrus in the corner needs some work doing to it!


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