The breakfast of champions

Bananas2_1So far this year my Sunday afternoons have been marked by shopping expeditions to stock up on the week’s cycling food.

By cycling food, I mean what I eat for breakfast after I’ve made my morning’s trek on two wheels. I’m not a big breakfast person. I never have been. And I certainly can’t eat anything before I get on the bike.

But now that exercise figures pretty highly in my day-to-day routine, I’ve found that if I don’t eat breakfast I get incredibly ravenous and my stomach starts grumbling to the point where it becomes embarrassing.

So, once I’ve locked up my bike and am sitting at my desk, I munch on a banana and a muesli bar, which I’ve carried in my  bike bag.

Occasionally, if I’m still feeling peckish, I have a bowl of cereal (I keep a pack in my desk drawer and use the communal office milk)  or I nip out to a nearby Pret for one of their delicious breakfast baguettes (egg mayo and sunblush tomatoes) or  a muffin (yogurt and pecan).

I’ve also become slightly addicted to Innocent Drinks’ juicey water (mango and passionfruit), even though I know it’s essentially posh cordial and I could save a stack of money if I just stuck to water!

Oh, and I can’t get by without a mid-morning coffee, either. Usually a brewed one with a splash of milk.

And after I’ve consumed all that lot, I start thinking about my lunch…


3 thoughts on “The breakfast of champions

  1. I also can’t eat before my commute so every two days I stop at Tesco and load up with work food. Banana, apple and cereal for breakfast and then a roast chicken leg with salad and honey mustard sauce for lunch. Invariably I’m still peckish during the day so I keep some mixed nuts and another apple on hand.
    My biggest challenge is avoiding all the freebies we get at work. PR agencies love to send us Krispy Kreme doughnuts but apparently, if you have two, they cancel each other out!


  2. I keep a box of Cheerios in my office, which I’ll eat with reconstituted powdered milk. I also usually bring an apple or banana with me on the commute. I should take a photo of my “larder” in my office: besides the breakfast cereal, I have fig rolls, peanut butter, packages of dried fruits, instant ramen, potato crisps, tuna, nuts, and chewing gum.
    I had no idea Krispy Kreme existed over in London!


  3. Adrian, your lunch sounds delicious! And just a mention of Krispy Kreme has me salivating: I’m a donut addict!
    Fritz, you sound very well stocked up on the food front, but I’m not sure I like the sound of powdered milk!


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