Snow on the way?

Anyone would think we were preparing for the Second Coming.

The amount of media attention being devoted to tomorrow’s predicted snowfall is, well, otherworldly.

I’m not entirely convinced myself. If it snows, it snows. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Either way, I’ll make up my mind about whether or not to cycle when I get up in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Snow on the way?

  1. At least you don’t have the threat of Tropical Cyclones like we have had for the past 5 days!! That’s all the news has been about up here. Apparently nothing else in the country, let alone the world, is happening…


  2. That’s just silly — I can understand being careful over 15cm if it’s blowing into drifts, but restricting travel and carrying spades for 5cm of snow? Upstate New York just got over a meter of snow and managed to avoid mass hysteria…


  3. Melody, so do you get to tape up your windows? I remember having to do that at Cooktown Primary School when Cyclone Joy was on its way back in 90/91!
    Colin, anyone would think these Brits had never seen snow in their lives!! I did joke about strapping a shovel to my bike — just for a laugh! As it turns out I decided not to ride, although what snow did fall had melted by about 11.30am, at least in central London. Outlying areas were affected much more.


  4. I spent a few months back in Scotland starting in January 1996. Three days before I left, I was digging our car out of 3 feet of snow in Rhode Island. Four days after I arrived, Scotland effectively stopped — where I was, there were fewer than 2 inches on the ground.
    I saw someone on the news saying that they were having a hard time keeping the M74 open because they had plowed the road but it was still snowing. When I realized that I had actually shouted “Then get the f*&king snowplows back out, you moron” at the television — well, that was when I knew I could never move back permanently.


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