The numbers game

42 The number of cyclists crossing Hyde Park Corner at 8.15am today. It’s the middle of winter and people aren’t supposed to be cycling. Imagine what it’s going to be like in summer: there’ll be so many cyclists crossing this intersection there will be tailbacks!

108 The number of miles I rode in January. A little on the pathetic side, but I’m blaming the winds for this as they conspired to keep me in my bed!

29.40  The number of minutes it took me to cycle home on January 22. This is the quickest time I’ve achieved yet. Mind you, my log book includes the following notes: "Nearly got wiped out by a car changing lanes around Parliament Square" and "My feet were very cold". So my speedy ride was probably fuelled by adrenalin/fear and a deep need to warm my tootsies up!


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