One more reason to commute by bike…

…overcrowding on British trains.


4 thoughts on “One more reason to commute by bike…

  1. “South West Trains has redesigned its carriages on suburban routes into London so there are fewer seats – controversially – but more space for passengers and bikes.” I was under the impression that many (most?) UK commuter trains don’t allow bikes on board.


  2. I concur with Kimbofo, and have recently recieved a wrist slapping and ejection from the train at the next stop. Lots of tuting passengers and exagerated paper rustling.. Defo no go at peak times


  3. Parky, oh dear. I once got a puncture and managed to blag my way onto the District Line at Westminster (and yes, all the commuters stared at me). When I got off at the other end, I was not allowed to exit the station, because they told me I had flouted the ‘do not travel with bike at peak times’ rule! One of the station staff said she would not open the gate for me until 6.30pm — it was about 6.15pm — and I would have to stay on the platform until the designated ‘out of peak hour’ time had lapsed. I’m afraid to say I threw a bit of a strop, because if it wasn’t traumatic enough getting a puncture and then having to fight my way onto a train, I was now having to deal with some Nazi trying to uphold a silly law. Needless to say I have never taken my bike on the tube again!


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