Not exactly morning glory

If there was one thing I could change about myself it would be this: I would become a morning person.

Life would be so much easier if I could bound out of bed effortlessly as soon as my alarm goes off. Instead, I usually snuggle back under the duvet while trying to come up with a suitable excuse for not riding my bike to work: I’m too tired, it’s still dark, it’s too foggy/windy/wet/snowy, I’ll ride tomorrow.

This morning, however, I talked myself into getting up and just doing it! There was no snow on the ground and none likely to fall from the sky, so I rugged up — long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece, rain jacket and hi-viz waistcoat — and embraced the chill dawn air.

The ride was certainly a brisk one. I could feel the cold air penetrating my gloves and my fleece-lined leggings. My nose and cheeks were numb.

But I loved scooting along, seeing my breath, feeling my lungs working hard.

By the time I got to Horse Guards Parade it started to snow. Big, giant, fluffy white flakes falling all around me. It was beautiful, if somewhat short-lived, because by the time I’d crossed the river it had stopped. And when I told my colleagues I’d ridden in the snow, I don’t think they quite believed me.

Will I do it again tomorrow? I’m not sure. I have to get out of bed first!


3 thoughts on “Not exactly morning glory

  1. Good for you! I tried cycling yesterday evening, after not being out for four days, and my gears had frozen! (I have a seven-gear twisty thing on my right handlebar.) I could only cycle in third. Well, I think I could move into second or first, although I didn’t bother. But fourth etc were impossible.
    Today was not quite as cold, and I managed to cycle with all my gears, which is just as well, considering all the hills in Århus. I also got snowed on, riding home with a pizza on the back of my bike. Thankfully I’d put it in a plastic bag!


  2. Gears? What are gears? I think I am the only person in London who commutes six miles without changing gear!! (My gears are crap.)
    I love the idea of you carting a pizza around on the back of your bike!!


  3. It has one of those (otherwise pointless) briefcase hooks that snaps back onto the flat luggage carrier thing over the back wheel. Modern pizza boxes are generally sturdy enough to withhold the pressure for a short journey. Easy as ‘pie’, so to speak!


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