And the reason I won’t be cycling today is…


Photograph taken from my kitchen window at 7.50am.


9 thoughts on “And the reason I won’t be cycling today is…

  1. Hmm, I think living in the UK is making you go soft…
    (Which is easy for me to say from here, where the chances of getting riding conditions like that are just this side of zero!)
    The novelty of walking (or indeed riding) in a winter wonderland soon wears off, doesn’t it?


  2. Treadly, that’s a brilliant pic. They are mad in Copenhagen you know — but I’m allowed to say that seeing as I have friends who live there! It was my last visit to the city, back in July 2005, that finally convinced me I should start commuting by bike.


  3. How funny – Treadly’s linked photo is taken near the bottom of the Lakes, next to the Planetarium, and just down the road from where I’ll be living from next week onwards. And yes, I can cycle in the snow, but it’s much easier here due to the separate cycle paths. Otherwise I wouldn’t trust the cars. I doubt I’d cycle in the UK in this weather. Although having said that, I remember cycling in the snow in Norwich. But it was more of a sprinkling, and I took the back-roads.
    Oh, I’ve just realised the Planetarium itself is actually in the picture (at the back-left). I’d just recognised the buildings on the other side of the street and the wall in the left-hand foreground! I was merely checking a second time, just to make sure I was right – and suddenly it popped up! So yes, it’s definitely where I said it was – the Planetarium confirms it!


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