Hyde Park


Treadly and Me has a brilliant post on his bike route through Melbourne, Australia.

Adrian Fitch has a similar post showing his route through the streets of London.

I’m tempted to do something similar — as soon as I can figure out how it is possible to cycle and take photographs at the same time!

Meanwhile, here’s a photograph I took about 18 months ago that shows part of my route through London’s Hyde Park.  The broad dirt avenue on the right is Rotten Row, a bridleway established in the 17th century by William III as Britain’s first artificially lit "highway".

The cycle path is on the left and runs the full length of the park, which is a little over a mile long.

Cycling along here in the mornings is an absolute joy, especially when it’s misty and all you can see ahead of you is a blur of red bicycle tail lights and yellow high-viz jackets! You do have to watch out for the ducks though. Big groups of them have a habit of foraging for food on the path and no matter how much ringing of your bell or how much shouting of "get the fuck out of my way, you stupid ducks" they will not move for anyone!

I tend to avoid this path in the evenings though. In summer there are just too many pedestrians who do not understand that the line painted down the middle of the path is supposed to delineate where they walk and where we cycle. And in winter, it is just too damn dark and windy. And you all know how I feel about the wind!


5 thoughts on “Hyde Park

  1. Now that’s just showing off-I can just imagine misty mornings along there would be magic!
    I have a small camera that fits easily into my hand with plenty of fingers left over for holding onto the handlebars (I actually sort of dangle it over my wrist). Although I’m pretty sure my friend woowoowoo http://www.woowoowoo.com/2006/04/20/my-little-commute/ held his digital SLR in his hand as he rode!
    ’nuff said about the wind…


  2. da’ Square Wheelman, thanks for the links.
    Treadly, my camera is fairly small too, but I’ve got tinsy hands, so I’m not sure it’s possible for me to cycle and hold it in my paw at the same time. I need to get a helmet-mounted one I think! 😉


  3. I’ve only been commuting into London since the beginning of the year but would love to document my ride with a picture blog entry. Although it probably is a bit dark at the moment.


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