After a self-imposed riding break due to cyclone-like winds, I got back on the bike this morning for the first time since last Tuesday and trundled into work just as dawn was breaking.The sky was a vivid orange fading into glorious pink and quite beautiful to behold. I would have missed such a glorious sight if I had have caught public transport. Yet another reason to commute by bicycle!

I’m not so sure that cycling is very good for my appetite though: it makes me ridiculously hungry. By midday I had munched my way through the following:

  • 1 x small pot of Greek yogurt with berry puree
  • 1 x banana
  • 1 x small-sized breakfast baguette (scrambled eggs and sun-blush tomatoes)
  • 1 x muesli bar
  • 1 x normal-sized cheese and pickle baguette

I had also enjoyed a brewed coffee and 750ml of juicy water plus several glasses of water from the water cooler in the office.

At lunch time, embarrassed by the amount of food I’d already eaten, I settled for another brewed coffee and sometime around 3-ish I gobbled up another banana.

I rode home like a little devil with my tyres on fire (a record-breaking 30.20 minutes), downed a glass of blueberry juice and a half-pint of water, and then set about making a mushroom and leek risotto for my din-dins!

I’ll probably still be hungry later. Just as well I’ve got a packet of biscuits handy!


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