It’s a cyclone out there!


Weather conditions from  Check out the wind gusts! Click to enlarge.

This morning’s ride in was windy once I was south of the river.

This evening’s return journey was windy the WHOLE BLOODY WAY!

Honestly, I’ve not ridden in such horrific conditions before, with gusts of up to 43mph conspiring to not only blow me off course but blow me off my bike altogether. I can handle the rain, the cold and the dark, but I HATE the wind mainly because it’s just so dangerous.

Anyone got any tips for dealing with it?


8 thoughts on “It’s a cyclone out there!

  1. In the last few weeks I’ve found that there’s nothing more demoralising than speeding downhill only to have a huge gust wipe out all your momentum and then having to grind your way up the other side into a headwind.
    Check out these ten tips for riding into a headwind from Cycling Performance Tips:
    I’ve found them all very usefull, especially the one about riding at a lower gear to keep your pedals spinning at a decent rate.
    Bring on Spring…


  2. Of all the bad weather conditions, I hate wind the most. I can handle cold, rain, heat–but I loathe the wind. It’s crappy on its own and it makes all other unpleasant conditions worse.
    You’ve got to draw a line somewhere and it’s probably better to be on a bus than blown under it!
    That said, I’d still rather be on the bike if at all possible…


  3. Melody, funny but oh-so true. I decided to catch the tube this morning!
    Adrian, thanks for the link. Unfortunately these winds are cross winds rather than head winds. And I had to laugh about the low gear thing. You will think I am mad but my bike’s gears are so crap I don’t bother using them. Yes, the only cyclist who traverses London without changing gear!!
    Treadly, you are very right. I figured it was better heading into work by train this morning — just to be on the safe side!


  4. I’ve ridden in winds up to 135km/h (probably more) with impunity. Basically, just get into a low gear and spin like crazy. That makes all the difference in the world to your balance. And yes, it works just as well for crosswinds as headwinds.
    Ooops, one of the “official” sites already said that.


  5. This morning’s forecast predicted 65mph gusts so I’ve opted for public transport again. I did not much like the idea of riding in those kinds of winds, as it’s highly likely I’d end up UNDER a bus. Apparantly mini tornadoes have been predicted too!


  6. I decided to brave it this morning and it wasn’t too bad. Saying that, I did choose a more sheltered but slightly longer route in. The hedges and houses did wonders to break up and reduce the crosswind effects.


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