So, tomorrow is the big day

After an 11-week break from cycling, tomorrow is going to be my big return.

I’ve got mixed feelings about it: I can’t wait to get back in the saddle after such a long break and yet I’m also shit scared about the prospect of riding in heavy traffic in the pissing down rain. One thing is for sure, tomorrow morning — if I can get out of bed in time!! — there will be a nervous poo, or two!

Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “So, tomorrow is the big day

  1. It might be the middle of summer here but it was well and truly raining as I set off for my morning ride today.
    We desperately need the rain, so I don’t really mind, but now I’m sitting at work, showered and dresses in dry clothes, with my legs feeling rather warm. They get that way after a decent ride in the rain. I’m used to it in winter but it feels weird today.
    All the best for your re-entry into the wonderful world of cycling.
    (Probably best that I don’t talk about the bus that passed me ‘way’ too close this morning.)


  2. So, how’d it go? Looks like the weather might have been a little nicer than you’d anticipated. I can handle the cold (my morning commute in the Kansas City area was at -2° C) but I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to ride in the rain / snow.


  3. Rodney, thanks for your support. Fortunately, it didn’t rain – yay! – but it was so windy I got knocked sideways more than once or twice. I’ll write a more detailed blog post about the big comeback shortly.
    Warren, it went pretty damn well actually. The weather was dry and fairly mild temperature wise, but the wind was cyclone-like!


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